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Stefan Bernsdorf - Freelance programmer

More than 20 years of experience with Java-based webservices, geosoftware and geolibraries. Geoserver contributor.

More than 20 years of experience in tackling Bentleys Microstation. Started with V5 and now migrating MDL stuff to CONNECT.


  • Website: www.centauron.de
  • Phone: +49 176 60 80 11 95
  • City: Jena, Germany
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Languages: Java, C++, Python
  • Mail: stefan@centauron.de
  • Freelance: Available


Java/J2EE/Spring Expert
Geoserver/Geotools Project Contributor
PostGis/Oracle/MsSQL Spatial Expert
BIRT/JasperReports Pro
Microstation CONNECT/V8iPro
VBA Expert
MDL/C++ Geek
Geographics/ProjectWise Project Setup




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Geo Projects

2021 - 2023 Programing "GeoKat" for Bavarian Government

Programing of "Geokat" a Geographical Desaster Management Tool for the Bavarian Government. 

Geokat is used by all municipal and governmental entities of Bavaria to manage catastophic events.

As a user you can zoom to the location of a catastrophic event, show additional layers and markers , selections and many more.

  • Geoserver/Geotools
  • OpenLayers
  • postGIS
  • Spring Boot
  • Apache Wicket
  • Docker

2015 - 2020 Lead developer "geoservices" at on-geo GmbH

Greenfield project: Creation of a backoffice-System that automatically or semiautomatically generates real estate analysis reports for individual addresses. The portfolio consists of over 150 different reports. To generate those reports, the system gathers and combines data from a wide range of data sources, e.g. OpenData Sources, WMS-Sources, statistical data or prearranged databases. The system is embedded in a JIRA system, which structures  the work and makes it trackable. Part of the work was to design and to implement a JIRA custom plugin. The backoffice system handles about 8000 requests a DAY. 

  • JIRA Plugins
  • Geoserver/Geotools/OpenLayers
  • BIRT Report
  • MS SQL (Spatial)
  • Apache Camel

2019 - 2019 GIS Backend Programmer for 365FarmNet

Feature Development for 365FarmNet - a Farming App.

  • Geoserver/Geotools
  • postGIS
  • Spring Boot

2008 – 2012 Team member of a scientific research team

The aim of that project was to establish a mobile early warning system for volcanic unrest to support local political decision makers to estimate the thread level. I was responsible  for the frontend- and database design. The system gathers information of different data producers, such as satellites or gps advices, and processes them into thematic maps. The focus was to build a browserbased frontend, which is easy and uncomplicated to handle without losing information.

  • Geoserver/Geotools/OpenLayers
  • Google Maps API
  • PostGIS

1998 – 2008 Lead developer at Gingko.Systeme Weimar

Greenfield project: Development and successful implementation of GIS-Software Gaja.Matrix The software is designed for the use by municipal authorities to manage all local informations and procedures. The software consists of a browserbased and windowsbased frontend. Part of that software is an automatic abstraction algorithm, which makes it possible to generate citymaps using cadastral data.

  • Geoserver/Geotools/OpenLayers
  • BIRT Reports
  • PostGIS

Microstation Projects

2021 - 2023 Microstation 1st & 2nd Level Support for RWE Nuclear

Maintaining and Configuring Microstation for RWE Nuclear

2020 – 2021 Migration of Microstation MDL Programs for RWE Nuclear

Migration of an MDL-Applikation from Microstation V8i to Microstation CONNECT in the area of  pipeline documentation.

  • Microstation CONNECT
  • MDL

2019 – 2020 Migration of Microstation MDL Programs for Deskware Products

Migration a MDL-Application from Microstation V8i to Microstation CONNECT in the area of fair trade construction.

  • Microstation CONNECT
  • MDL
  • C++

2012 – 2015 Migration of Microstation MDL Programs for Vattenfall Europe

Migration and enhancement of Microstation MDL Programs in the area of exploration/mining. Programing of a GIS tool, that visualizes the difference between governmental ALKIS-data and company owned data.

  • Microstation V8i
  • Microstation Descartes
  • MDL
  • C#

2010 - 2012 Migration of Microstation MDL Programs for RWE IT

Migration and enhancement of Microstation MDL Programs in the area of exploration/mining. Setting up a Test environment that automatically tests Microstation functionality and MDL Programs.

  • Microstation V8i
  • Microstation Descartes
  • MDL
  • Bentley Map


Besides my customer projects I have developed some nice tools, that I'd like to share. They are either freeware or commercial. If you have any questions concerning this tools or you are in need of a custom tailored tool, don't hesitate to contact me.


The MicroStation Test Framework

microTest ist ein wikibasiertes Framework, um Black-Box-Tests( also nicht Funktions-, sondern Anwendertests) für beliebige Microstation-Programme(MDL/VBA) oder Microstation-Workflows zu erstellen und automatisch durchzuführen. microTEST ist ein unverzichtbares Werkzeug für Regressionstests und die Kommunikation zwischen Tester und Anwender.


Loading and Saving Spatial data into and out of Microstation

spatialgateway allows you to retrieve geosaptial data from different datsources and display them in Microstation. spatialgateway is fully integrated into Microstation, streaming the data seamlessly while changing viewport, zoom, level, etc. The display styles  are applied using a powerful XML-based ruleset. This birectional ruleset even allows to write back elements into the data source. 


Place Microstation cell from geoinformation stored in Exif-Header in your photos

GpsPhotoCells places a cell at the geoposition a photo was taken. Click the cell and the photo is shown. Can be used with any coordinate system.


Scriptable event engine for any kind of Microstation events

elementevents delivers a powerful framework, to release user-actions (either keyins, VBA-Functions or MDL-Funtions) for any kind of Microstation events. You are able to individually address any kind of element modification, viewport changes, element visibility, etc.


Runs a command every time you activate a template

You like the Microstation templates setting but you liked the good old settings manager even more. This tiny tool bridges the gap. Runs a command every time you activate a template.


Autoupdate your MDL/VBA Programs via Web

Enable your own MDL and VBA programs to be autoupdateable. Whenever the user starts your program it connects to a certain webpage, checking for the latest version. If the users verison is outdated, a dialog pops up informing about recent changes and requesting for download and installing.


Lock the raster position in the dgn

Are you annoyed by moving or scaling your raster accidentially in Microstation. rasterguard takes care for you.


Coordinate information for Microstation elements

Labels Microstation-Elements (all types, e.g. circle, lines, cells).


Generate shadows around Texts

Generate a shadow effect around texts, just like the css-property "text-shadow".



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